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 interview September 30th 2015

1, on the video for “KOWARENAI PARADAISU” it seems to be a video about tatta taking her band back from koto(platonic planet). Is this something that happened in real life? Was there any real conflict between tatta and koto? Obviously they are friends I know because you had a dual cd release party!

 <sasakikissa>  a ha ha haaa! of course there is nothing going on between the two of them, actually they have a very good relationship. more precisely Recoride fans started to say stop making songs for KOTO and make more Recoride songs。In actuality、Recoride live shows have inadvertently decreased!

<Tatta> Recently we are appearing together live a lot, so we are really close! But in the promotional video little KOTO is pushed down by me in a skit so I stress out that our fans will be upset by that (with a laugh)!

2. What happened to recoride inbetween “mystery of midori” and “freshless”. Can you tell us a few stories? Any touring?

<sasakikissa> What exactly did happen??? It wasn't exactly the most active period for Recoride was it? that period saw my work increase as a composer for idols and along the way ties with KOTO got really close and I lost my concentration on Recoride. But thanks to KOTO my activity increased and we released an album so it was necessary that I met her when I did.

<Tatta>When the Mystery of Midori single came out we had a release party for it. At that party we had fans write down whatever came to their minds 5 characters a-piece, and those lyrics then became the project for a song.

That became the Freshless bonus track Glad to Glad. Its novelty is very interesting.

3. A large number of western fans will be disappointed freshless is not on the American version of iTunes like Mystery of Midori was. Is there a reason for this?

 <sasakikissa> This is an easy one, This albums record label is different than the previous ones. We've heard from many voices on our distribution, so before long we will be on iTunes. Please be patient and wait just a little bit for it!

4. The guitar work for recoride has always been so good! Can I ask hashiyuu when did he begin playing guitar and who inspired him to become a guitarist? Does he recommend any type of guitar or strings and what does he credit his talent to as his playing is unlike anyone I’ve heard before. Does the single 幽霊橋の相合傘 have a CD coming?

<Hashuu> Thank you so much! That makes me very happy. I started guitar at the age of 12 under the influence of a father who as a hobby played classical guitar. Live I play a fender type single pickup guitar. I use Elixir regular gauge strings.

When it comes to a musical performance I'm always thinking how to do it differently from others. By hearing only the sound and phrasing i want it to feel like I am playing. The single 幽霊橋の相合傘 Doesn't have a CD but I have a SoundCloud page (

From now on i plan to post things so absolutely please check it from time to time!

5. the group seems to be influenced heavily by 80’s culture like the video for 星屑のmp3. Is this true?

 <sasakikissa> From the start I've much loved 80's culture,, it could even be said i'm a slave to the 80's style。Unconditoinally my heart pounds to the 80's。Previously we put an emphasis on making it with that style so with Freshless this time we unconsciously made it that way. Well our own sense and the sounds we like with the 80's motif are numerous so it kind of naturally comes out of us.

6. tatta your voice seems very energenic and powerful , do you do any kind of vocal training to maintain it?

 <Tatta> Yeah!  Thank you! Many people say they either love or hate my voice and it seems divided on that. I think i have incredicle individuality in my voice so i really like it.

When recoride first started i thought i'd like to do vocal training to improve my voice, but the individuality of my voice would be lost by training so I quit thinking about doing that (laughs).

I don't really do anything for my voice, I just take the moment and sing my heart out.

7. There is almost no information on your group in English. What would you like potential American fans to know about recoride?

  <sasakikissa> Our songs start without putting importance on the lyrics meaning, but the sounds of the words reverberations are the thing of importance so even if you don't understand it you can enjoy the sounds and enjoy the music completely

8. Who is fqtq? Why did he leave recoride? I  tried looking for his solo work online but couldn’t find it…but I did see you did some shows with him, so you’re still friends?

 <sasakikissa>Our songs words don't really put any importance on meaning but just make good sounds and he was a solo techno artist. from the begining he was a solo artist at the time we invited him in。We just mutually decided it would be best for us to separate. Sometimes we do live shows together . he's an intimate friend, like a comrade in arms.

9.  can you tell us how recoride did during the recording of 絶叫みだれラリーランド and did you have the same feeling at release as you did for mp3の断末魔 and freshless or did that time feel totally different?

<sasakikissa> At the time of「絶叫みだれラリーランド」 we had the most staff around us. We really didn't have to do anything and our schedule would advance Even though it was pleasant the feeling that we were actually beginning on our own and not fabricated was short of supply.

<Tatta> Recoride was my first band so I didn't really know how to do anything. It was a real natural experience.

10.  what are your favorite bands right now?

<sasakikissa> The one i really like is France's "Kap Bambino". They are a type not found in Japan

<Tatta> I also respect the style of the french unit Kap Bambino. I  listen to all kinds of music、Recently its K -HIPHOP. Korea's HIPHOP label, also a group called Block B is something i enjoy listening to.

<Hashuu> I like American oldies and Japan's 70's music is also a favorite. I don't know very much about today's music

11.  how did you feel about the world growing up as children?

<sasakikissa> Its a scary place, even now there are scary things all over

<Hashuu> That it was unbelievably large and full of possibilities

<Tatta> That adults had it all, and that I wanted to be an adult as quickly as possible.

12.  I noticed tatta likes peanuts comics and snoopy, is it her favorite anime character from America? The comic is from my state of Minnesota! So any Minnesota fans will be happy

 <Tatta> I LOVE Snoopy so much! His character is really good, especially snoopy can often pierce into your emotions with just a smart remark which fascinates me。Snoopy has such a rebellious nature and that is awesome, the best! (with a laugh)

13. there no English on your website, do you ever plan an American tour? What can American fans expect for a US release of freshless? Any bonus tracks only on the American release?

 <Tatta>To introduce ourselves overseas from now on "let's support English" is what I have been thinking. Also to get some live shows in America as well.

<sasakikissa> please invite us to your country~!

14. Is sasaki a computer maniac?

 <sasakikissa> Absolutely not. Whenever I have a problem I call in the tech people. Even when its a simple problem. From the beginning i never put much faith in computers. To put it simply I just use them...
15. do you have any message for your western fans?

 <Hashuu> I hope to meet you all!

<Tatta> We have had people from overseas come to some of our live shows so this time we want to come to your turf and play! Thank you so much for listening to Recoride!!

16. what is your plans for the future, your next plans?

<sasakikissa> Recoride will do the Recoride like thing with out smearing or crowding or flattering get a little more sales minded record going for us.

<Hashuu> A World tour!

<Tatta> A World tour!

Thank you Recoride for a great time with you!

Recoride consists of the charming Tatta on vocals, the talented Hashiyuu on guitar, and the composer Sasaki-Kissa on synth and vocals. They have 3 great albums full of energy and plan on expanding internationally. Now prepare to hear directly from them!!